• Rescue

    O.W.L. specializes in birds of prey called raptors (eagles, falcons, hawks, owls, ospreys) as well as turkey vultures. O.W.L. receives more than 400 birds into care each year.

    The number of patients in 2012 and 2013 were 490 and 438 respectively.

  • Rescue

    If you encounter an injured or orphaned bird of prey, call O.W.L. immediately.

    It is unsafe to handle these birds without the proper safety equipment and training. O.W.L is on call seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

  • Rehabilitation

    O.W.L. is home to permanent residents that help foster orphaned or displaced birds of prey.

    Here is Cessna being a wonderfully protective foster mother to two baby barn owls.

  • Rehabilitation

    Primary care is administered by qualified and experienced bird care supervisors. These treatments range from injections, tube feeding and initial treatment of broken bones. Veterinary care, i.e. surgery and consultation, is typically done by local veterinarians at Richmond Animal Hospital, Tsawwassen Animal Hospital, Ambleside Animal Hospital and Huff Animal Hospital.

    This is a Great horned owl recovering in care after being caught in barbed wire.

  • Release

    The most rewarding moments of our job are when a bird of prey is released back into the wild. This bald eagle came in as a fledgling that fell out of her nest due to the fish hooks in her back, wing and mouth.

    After an excellent recovery, she was released where she was found in Belcarra.

  • Release

    O.W.L.’s semi-annual Open House is the only time that 70% of the facility is opened up for people to get a firsthand look at our medical facility and various rehabilitation cages.

    The events include informative displays and children’s activities, a raffle and a public release of one of our recovered birds!

  • Education

    O.W.L. offers offsite education programs on Mondays through Fridays and onsite education programs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. This program consists of a talk about O.W.L. the organization, the raptors we take care of, and the importance of birds of prey in the environment.

    Please call O.W.L. between 9:00am and 3:00pm Mondays to Fridays to book.

    Education Programs
  • Offsite Display

    O.W.L. staff and volunteers, with the help of our education birds, participate in offsite displays at events all over the lower mainland to promote O.W.L.’s mission.

    Not only can the public see birds of prey closer than they would in the wild, it gives us a chance to teach about different types of hazards humans impose on wildlife.

    Take an Online Tour
  • Public Guided Tours

    In the fall, winter and spring months, public guided tours are available every Saturday and Sunday between 10:00am and 3:00pm. In July and August, public guided tours are available daily between 10:00am and 3:00pm. Please note that O.W.L.’s facility is not open for tours on holidays.

    If you can’t make it to our facility, feel free to take a virtual online tour by clinking the link below.

  • Volunteer

    O.W.L is always looking for volunteers who are passionate about wildlife. If you have a valid driver’s license, you can even help transport birds for rescues and releases.

    Norman Snihur is a helicopter pilot who flies all around B.C to rescue wildlife in need and to take them back to their original discovery location for release.

    Volunteer Program
  • Volunteer

    O.W.L.’s volunteers come from all over the lower mainland and sometimes overseas!

    There are many jobs at O.W.L. from cleaning cages, feeding birds, gardening and landscaping to representing O.W.L. at offsite displays.

Guided Tours

September – June: Saturday & Sunday from 10am to 3pm every half hour
July – August: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 3pm every half hour
O.W.L. is not open for tours on holidays.
Please note that you are only seeing the permanent residents, not the hospital. Make sure to dress for the weather! Don’t forget to check out the gift area! Directions?


O.W.L. Programs

We continue to expand the education programs through donations and fundraisers. Learn about our Programs


Wish List

We are constantly in need of medical supplies and various household essentials. Check out our Wish List


Ways You Can Help

There are many ways to support a charity like O.W.L. For example, you can volunteer! Join the team…

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